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The Zetor Tractor Company has been producing top-value tractors for the agricultural industry around the world since being established in 1946 in Brno, Czech Republic, becoming one of the largest tractor manufacturers in Europe.

The continuing success and growth of the company is based on its traditional values and more recently it's research & development into the new range Proxima and Forterra tractors. Zetor still design and produce most of their own tractor components, including the engines, which are among the most fuel efficient in the industry.

Every Zetor tractor is covered by a two year warranty and backed by our after the sales service. Down through the years the key note success of Zetor has been tough, reliable tractors at an affordable price offering the farmer 'just what he needed' with no fancy gimmicks.

Throughout the past 58 years, Zetor R&D have pioneered many improvements on their tractors that we all take for granted today and used on every tractor sold throughout the world. In 1960, they produced one of the first hitch-hydraulic systems "Zetormatic", with full-position, draft and mixed control capability. Later it was the first tractor company to manufacture a fully integrated safety cab with insulated, rubber-mounted suspension - an idea later adopted by all other manufactures.

The new models have been further refined to meet the highest demands the modern operator expects from a tractor. Zetor has kept their simple maintenance philosophy with the easy-to-service 'one piece hood' but now with extended service intervals from a more powerful, extremely fuel efficient, cleaner burning, state of the art engine. They also now have updated or new transmissions with easier shifting and new heavy duty front and rear axles.

There is a wide range of other improvements including improved cab, vision, controls, more powerful hydraulics and improved braking systems, which combine to make the ALL NEW ZETOR PROXIMA & FORTERRA TRACTORS a force to be reckoned with.

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