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SaMASZ Disc and Drum Mowers

We are especially pleased to offer the full range of SaMasZ drum and disc Mowers, Tedders and Rakes complete with a Two Year Warranty across the whole range.

SaMasZ have been manufacturing for 30 years and are passionate about their product range, which have won 3 awards since 2011. See http://www.samasz.com/

The complete disc mower range all come with the award winning perfect CUT cutterbar, which has many benefits for a clean cut, use of heavy duty bearings and bevel gearing, innovative easy blade changing, ease of maintenance and good protection against stone damage. The range starts with a 2.6m rear mounted machine and go right up to the 9.4m Megacut 3 disc mower combinations with the front mounted mower.

The 2 & 4 drum mowers are built on tried and tested machines that are very reliable, cheap to run and very easy to operate and to maintain for the small to medium sized farms.

All SaMasZ machines have been thoroughly tested in different conditions, which is why they are strongly built to withstand many years of work & long working hours.

Please see below a small selection of mowers we sell and the complete range is available to view at www.weavingmachinery.net

2 Drum Mover

The 2 drum mower is as popular now as it ever has been and the high build quality means they will last and perform well for many years.

Samba 2 Drum Mower
Spcification Z165 Z185 Z210
Cutting width 1.65M 1.85M 2.1M
Knife Quantity 6 6 8
PTO RPM 540 540 540
HP 40 60 70
HA per hour 1.5 2.0 2.5
Weight 400kg 450kg 550kg
Price £1,780* £1,990* £2,948*
*plus VAT

The 2 drum mower is as popular now as it ever has been and the high build quality means they will last and perform well for many years.

Samba Farmer disc mowers

The farmer disc mower is completely made by Samasz with a well proven design, accurate ground following suspension, hydraulic folding. A simple good value for money clean cut disc mower.

Standard Spec

4 – 6cm cutting height, quick easy knife replacement and knife overlapping. Very strong gear bearings, hardened discs and boron steel skids, hydraulic folding lock, skirt and over run clutch.

There are many advantages over other disc mowers currently available from,

  1. Larger bearings, more durable and longer lasting
  2. Specially hardened discs and skids made from Boron steel
  3. Easily replaceable knife and pin system
  4. Superior stone protection system
  5. Larger diameter bevel gears, for prolonged performance
  6. Discs can be easily and quickly changed
  7. Perfect under profile design for protection of the grassland

Samba Farmer disc mowers
Spcification Samba 200 Samba 240 Samba 280
Working width 2,00 2,40 2,80
Swath Width ~ 1,40 ~ 1,70 ~ 2,10
Disc Quantity 5 6 7
Knife Quantity 10 (5x2) 12 (6x2) 14 (7x2)
RPM (RPM/Min) 540 540 540
Power Demand (HP) from 30 from 45 from 60
Working Capacity ~ 2.0 ~ 2.5 ~ 3.0
Weight 450kg 490kg 530kg
Price £3,600* £3,900* £4,400*
*plus VAT
Samba Farmer disc mowers
Samba Farmer disc mowers

KT Contractor Range

The SaMASZ KT Contractor Disc Mowers have many advantages.

Like all SaMASZ disc mowers the ground wearing parts are made of Boron steel giving strong loading, long life protection for the “Perfect Cut” cutterbar together with heavy duty bearings, large diameter gears plus the quick blade change system, as on all SaMASZ disc mowers.

But the KT range has central suspension for even balance to follow ground contours with even load distribution onto the ground with a spring or hydro pneumatic cutter bar suspension.

The KT also has automatic resetting after hitting obstructions, 3 position transportation between fields or farms and is a truly value for money machine for the modern contractor where speed, strength, ease of operation and excellent grass cutting is required.

SaMASZ KT Contractor Disc Mowers

KT Contractor Range
Spcification KT 261 KT 261S KT 301 KT 301S KT 341
Cutting width 2.6M 2.6M 3.0M 3.0M 3.4M
Swath Width 1.5 - 1.9 1.5-1.9 1.9 - 2.3 1.9 - 2.3 2.3 - 2.8
Disc Quantity 6 6 7 7 8
Knife Quantity 12 (6x2) 12 (6x2) 14 (7x2) 14 (7x2) 16 (8x2)
PTO RPM 540 1000 540 1000 540
HP 70 80 80 90 from 100
HA per hour 2.8 2.8 3.5 3.5 4.0
Weight 950kg 1170kg 1040kg 1270kg 1110kg
Price £6,400* £8,800* £7,000* £9,600* £7,600*
*plus VAT

KDC Trailed Disc Mower Conditioner

The KDC Trailed Disc Mowers have wide rocking lever of suspension enabling proper and stable operation of cutterbar when on uneven or stoney ground. The long drawbar enables easy grass cutting on both sides of the tractor for fast efficient mowing, together with the wide angled joint and turntable headstock. These points coupled with the hard wearing Boron steel "Perfect Cut" cutterbar make this the ideal contractors grass cutting machine.

Spcification KDC 300s
Cutting width 3.0M
Swath Width 1.0 - 1.6
Disc Quantity 7
Knife Quantity 14
PTO RPM 1000
HP 90
HA per hour 3.3
Weight 1930kg
Price £13,500*
Conveyor Price £4,115*
KDC Trailed Disc Mower
*plus VAT

MegaCUT Disc Mower Set

The MegaCUT Set of mowers are designed for farmers who value their time and money, with a working capacity from 10 ha/h. They have a low hp demand starting from 150hp using the PerfectCUT cutterbar system.

MegaCUT Disc Mower Set

Combination of 3 mowers MegaCUT comprises of KDD 861 or 941 side mower mounted on joint linkage and KDF 300 Front Mower mounted on the tractors 3pl. Overlap of the front mower and side ones is set to 375mm giving a fast and effective complete cut.

MegaCUT Disc Mower Set
Spcification MegaCUT 861 MegaCUT 941
Cutting width 8.6M 9.4M
Side Swath Width 2 x 1.9 - 2.3 2 x 2.3 - 2.7
Central Swath Width 1 x 1.3 - 1.5 1 x 1.3 - 1.5
Disc Quantity 21 23
Knife Quantity 42 46
PTO RPM 1000 1000
HP 150 160
HA per hour 10 11
Transport Height 3.6M 4.0M
Weight 2980kg 3290kg
Price £21,500* £23,100*
*plus VAT