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RABE was always known for building very strong tillage equipment and as such was reflected in the price and as such went into receivership over ten years ago. They were then bought out by Gregoire Besson and is now part of the Gregoire Besson Group and with over 120 years experience within the sector, they are experts in ploughing, soil preparation and seeding equipment.
RABE is a big part of their group and they still produce a wide range of products for mainly their own markets. See http://www.rabe-gb.de/en for the full range of machines of RABE.

Stubble cultivation

  • Bluebirda
  • Fieldbird
  • Falke
  • Habicht
  • Bussard
  • Seeadler
  • Ecotrak
  • Combi-digger

Seed bed preparation

  • Corvus PKE, PL, VKE
  • Corvus PKE K, VKE K
  • Sturmvogel


  • Albatross (formerly known as Raven)
  • Korman
  • Marabu
  • Fupa

Seeding, spraying
& mulching

  • Monoseed
  • Ecodrill
  • Turboseed
  • Megaseed
  • Adler
  • Chopper

A well-proven power harrow


The Corvus PKE is the successor model of the old PKE, which by now has achieved a legendary reputation in terms of longevity and reliability. This power harrow is designed for tractors with an output of up to 130 kW (180 hp) or in the alternative version with torque limiter clutch for tractors with up to 155 kW (210 hp). The Corvus PKE K, the hydraulically folding version, is available with up to 6.00 m working width and can be operated with tractor power of 185 kW (250 hp) or less.


  • 4 rotors per meter
  • KG-30 bolted tines (Option- quick change blades)
  • gearbox with changeable gears for varying tine rotation speed (Options- straight through shaft)
  • for 1000 PTO speed (rpm)
  • spring-loaded and telescoping side plates
  • solid carrier for track eradicators (included in standard version)
  • twin section lower link mounting (Q-fit), Cat. II and III

The Corvus VKE - outstanding reliability and RABE power harrow technology  for the most demanding conditions. This tool is designed for tractors with an output of up to 200 kW (280 hp) The large Corvus VKE K is available with a working width of up to 8.00 m and for tractors with an output of up to 280 kW (380 hp).


ALBATROS Already in its smallest version with 110 mm frame the Albatros has a sophisticated frame geometry. The first body is close to the headstock. This facilitates the tractor hydraulics to lift the plough. And take a look at the adjustment of the cutting width of the first body: it is designed to require no adjustment of the traction point (cutting width adjustment hydraulic optional). And of course you can equip the Albatros with all variants of the famous RABE mouldboards. In addition, the Albatros is available in the version with a stronger 120 mm frame. Also available is the variant with variable working width adjustment.


KORMORAN The construction of the Kormoran shows that innovative technology does not have to be forcibly complicated: The turning mechanism consists of a rack and pinion system which is hydraulically driven and allows a smooth rotation without dead center. This makes the turning operation more controllable and gentle on the material. The rotation is so sensitive that  - especially when driving backwards - the rear wheel is perfectly steerable. With an angle up to 110 ° possible between tractor and plough , the Kormoran provides easy manoeuvring and unprecedented agility with semi mounted ploughs.

The rear wheel has a suspension as standard for good road transport and its large diameter of up to 1,20 meter ensures its grip even in difficult conditions . This is made possible by the " kink" in the frame. The "kink" also ensures the last body ploughs off the wheel tracks and it keeps the centre of gravity closer to the wheel - which brings benefits both for ploughing and driving on the road. Because the plough no longer has to be lifted higher than needed.