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To meet the ever increasing exhaust emission regulations, Argo Tractors has developed the X70 SERIES Tractors that not only comply with these regulations, but offer additional customer benefits from increased performance and lower running costs long term.

5 models from 150 to 232hp are powered by the latest generation of engines using SCR technology which uses an AdBlue additive that is injected into the exhaust gases which then pass through the catalytic convertor neutralising many of the harmful gases and reduces carbon particulates by up to 90%.

This range of tractors offer;  Engine Power Management System - for maximum effeciency; 32-speed transmission with 8-speed powershift, Power shuttle - offering performance and productivity;  Economy transport speeds and 50kph option - saving fuel and time;  A choice of transmission operating controls (Mechanical or Electronic) - suits the customer application;  Electronic remote valve and armrest control option - increases comfort and functionality;  PTO management and efficient driveline technology - reduces engine rpm speeds saves fuel;  Generous rear hitch lift capacity and Load Sensing hydraulics - efficient and and smooth operation; New cab design - Rear hinged full width cab doors - New roof styling - excellent operating environment.

In addition, the X70 SERIES can also offer features such as front and cab suspension as well as front hitch and PTO.

These tractors have been developed as high value products that meet a wide variety of customer application needs. This tractor concept offers maximum economy, comfort, reliability and durability for the farmers of today and tomorrow.