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Introducing the all new McCormick X6L Tractor range.  This new addition picks up the mantle of the popular six-cylinder MTX 'mechanical' tractor with a more economical but higher performance four-cylinder engine, heavier-lifting three-point linkage and more substantial brakes among its features.

The three McCormick X6 'L' models (L means 'long wheelbase') have been created by bringing together a proven Argo Tractors transaxle and the latest 4.5-litre FPT engines.

The new X6.460 kicks off the range with rated output of 131hp (which matches the old MTX135), but it then goes on to develop up to 143hp as the engine's full performance potential is exploited under heavy load, together with increased torque.

Next up, the X6.470 has rated power of 150hp - equivalent to the best-selling MTX model.  But the modern engine's 'power bulge' takes peak output to 163hp and high torque enables the engines to 'hang on' longer in heavy draft situations.

The McCormick X6.480 then takes the new range way beyond the MTX performance, with 170hp at rated speed, 176hp maximum, and torque output climbing to 700Nm at 1500rpm.

These 3 new models have more gears than the MTX and are built to operate at a higher gross vehicle weight, so they can take heavier implements and more ballast if needed.  The wheelbase is just as long as the six-cylinder MTX and are very suited to operating heavy mounted cultivators and combination drills.