Mahindra Lenar Tractors

254 MAHINDRA LENAR TRACTOR Series ll 25 hp

The MAHINDRA LENAR is the only compact tractor that can draw upon its association with two of the worlds most renowned manufacturers that represent the benchmark of reliability and quality.
This machine has all the benefits from the Joint Partnership work with Ford Motor Co and Isuzu Motors. This gives this compact tractor a distinct and valuable number of advantages over any other tractors between 20hp and 35hp. Design based on years of research (rather than copying what others have done) and design features that you will see replicated and carried through to tractors of 120hp !

The 'step thru' deck is the first visible improvement, no complicated clutter of gear levers and old fashioned 'through the floor' pedals that you have to disentangle yourself from every time you get on or off - a very important consideration that many overlook.

Ergonomic Design! Giving a good comfortable seating position with ease of use for all controls and good all round visibility. The levers and controls come easily to hand, with positive chunky gear lever change for smooth operation in their finely engineered slots and channels, that will remain positive and responsive through years of use. The exhaust is channelled underneath, discharging at the rear like a car, increasing visibility, reducing noise and vibration, and thus fatigue.

The whole machine is in a different class. It has a balance and surefootedness, an unerring stability that just isn't there with other compacts.

The Full Specification is as follows:-
~ 25HP Isuzu Engine
~ One piece lifting bonnet
~ Power Steering
~ Switchable between 2 & 4 wheel drive
~ Syncromesh Shuttle for forward and reverse.
~ High & Low Ratio in all gears
~ UK Health & Safety Approved
~ 2 speed PTO 540 & 1000rpm
~ Spool Valves for hydraulic tipping and attachments
~ Standard 3 point Linkage CAT 1
~ Diff Lock
~ Sprung, fully adjustable seat
~ Hydraulic Link Arms - with heavy lift capability
~ Electric Trailer Socket
~ Draw Bar, fully adjustable
~ Folding Safety ROPS - UK Approved
~ Split Brake Pedal
~ Dual Clutch
~ Entirely Road Legal with full lights
~ Full EU Safety Approval Certicated
~ UK H.S.E. Certificate - always ask to see a copy, surprisingly many don't have them !
~ ISO 9000 Worldwide
~ Warranty 2 Years
~ Latest Engine Emissions Approved and Compliant

Standard Tractor Specification Price: 5995.75+VAT = 7045.00
Tractor C/W Cabin Price: 9200+VAT = 10810.00